The Cut Magazine, “Brewing Some Ha Ha’s for Flick Fest”, February 18, 2010

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Exploiting and Celebrating Connecticut’s Ridiculousness

Post Published: 18 February 2010 Author: thecutmag

Brewing Some Ha-Has for the Flick Fest

Last night, the Brew Ha-Ha Comedy Club in Hartford hosted a fundraiser for the Silk City Flick Fest 2010. Why is this great news? Because it means that the Silk City Flick Fest will be returning in October and continue to bring some culture to Manchester.

If you’ve never been to the Brew Ha-Ha, you’re missing out on one of Hartford’s great spots. While it’s an intimate setting, you’re not crammed in next to the person sitting beside you as can be the case with some comedy clubs (I’m looking at YOU, Laugh Factory in LA!) The food is a bit on the pricey side but the portions are large and they have a large variety of drinks…if that’s you’re thing. But I can tell you that the orange soda was pretty darn good.

The show was hosted by a local comic from South Windsor, Jay Sutay. His claim to fame is that he’s the world’s first Pediatric comic, as he’s been known to go on stage wearing his doctor’s coat and stethoscope. He was emcee for the night and his jokes about being a pediatrician, local towns, the horrors of being a parent, went over well with the enthusiastic crowd. So if you take your kids to this guy, just know that if you say or do something ridiculous it might end up in his act.

Jack Hurney was the “featured” comic for the night. Hailing from somewhere in the eastern Mass/NH area (based on his awful sounding accent) the word that might best describe his act is “spastic.” Hurney would jump from topic to topic with no rhyme or reason, like a hyperactive toddler who got his hands on a bag of pixie sticks. It was so all over the place that it actually worked in his favor. His high pitched voice and rapid fire delivery of what most would classify as “traditional jokes” kept the audience laughing.

For the “headline” act, Shuli Egar from the Howard Stern Show came out to crack wise with the crowd. Egar has been doing stand up comedy for a number of years and his experience on stage showed. His set consisted of jokes about his days pushing wheel chairs for the over weight at an airport, his former long term relationship with an Asian woman, a spot on impression of Bobcat Goldthwait (which surprisingly went over very well, even in 2010) and a whole lot of stoner humor. While he might be best known from his time on the Stern Show, he only mentioned it briefly. Egar’s act was the most well received of the night and he got a big, well deserved hand from the crowd as he finished his set.

It was an overall great show and hopefully CT residents will continue to support the good people at Silk City as their film fest continues to grow, and bring more attention to the Nutmeg film scene. Perhaps there will even be a place for all those former Manchester Craigslist prostitutes in a burgeoning CT film industry.

The show gets two salt shakers because comedy clubs are always overpriced, and therefore not worthy of three.


Jay SutayThe Cut Magazine, “Brewing Some Ha Ha’s for Flick Fest”, February 18, 2010

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